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Find the Hidden Attraction

The Dulle Road of Mt. Joengbyeng
You can see the entrance to the mountain at the alleyway next to Building 21.
And you can go directly past the ROTC, the dormitory, and the Shooting Range as you walk along.
There are occasional signs marking the way. This would be popular with people who prefer to simply walk, jog, or hike in outdoor settings because of flat roads and trail connections.
Getting to the top of this mountain is something that you should try at least once!

The Sky Park at Dure
Have you ever been to Building 87, or Dure Building, between the old library and Bongrim Building?
This building contains NongHyup, the Human Resources Development Institute, and Gyeongnam Children Daycare Support Center.
There is a roof garden, called the ‘Sky Garden’. It is not large, but it is a cute and charming park.
It can be visited on weekdays between 09:00~18:00. Don’t damage the trees or the facilities, lean over or climb up the railing, or bring your pets. Most importantly, smoking is prohibited within these walls!

Songgang Garden & Ggotdaegual Garden near the Shooting Range
These restaurants support our school financially and are certainly popular. You can see people lining up endlessly.
Their prices are not inexpensive, but you can have various kinds of healthy food at any price from 4000 to 50,000.
The menu is rather extensive, including items like duck, noodles, duruchigi, Korean bouillabaisse, fish soup, kimchi stew, bean paste stew, frozen Pollack stew, pajeon, etc.
I recommend the duck. There are good basic side dishes and lots of visitors. I think it is really delicious!

I found three attractions that most students dont know much about.

Though they are not magnificent or gorgeous, but pretty and charming, its still definitely worth going to them as CWNU students.

LEE Hye-in  LEE Hyein@changwon.ac.kr

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