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Do You Enjoy the Unique?
  • Kim Jun-hyeok, Im Guk-jin
  • 승인 2012.09.03 19:39
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Yeonhwa Dabang

How often do you enjoy a unique coffee experience? Probably most of your favorite cafés are franchises, such as Starbucks, Angel in-us, or Café Bene. Nevertheless, a lot of cafes have their own uniqueness and survive. Do you want complexity rather than simplicity? Do you want a variety of advanced coffee beans? Do you need healing juice instead of coffee? Do you want to enjoy coffee with nature? If so, read this article carefully. And, let’s follow the keyword you choose. The answer is at the end of the road.

1. Yeonhwa Dabang
(Beside Alpha in Sarim Dong)
Do you know the meaning of Dabang? Its meaning is more intimate than a coffee shop. Franchise coffee shops give grandeur and splendor; in contrast, Yeonhwa Dabang is petite and tidy. If you are a student, bring your ID card and receive a 10% discount. And for 1000won more, you can get a refill Americano. This café has monthly events, such as size up the smoothie or half-price café latte. They have a small outdoor terrace where you can bask in the sunshine with lovers or to talk more seriously.

2. Café Sizen
(Café street in Yongho Dong)
Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia. These are countries which you visit through coffee at Café Sizen. What does specialty coffee mean? The finest coffee beans have been granted the highest grade in flavor evaluations using international standards. A little doghouse welcomes you at the entrance to the café. If you want to enjoy the characteristic coffee beans of each country, you must go there.

Sweet Lab

3. Lee Gang's Gallery Café
(Café street in Yongho Dong)
Lee Gang is the nickname of the gallery’s curator. At this café, there are wild flowers and herbs in the garden, and inside, paintings and pottery are on display. Lee Gang has assimilated the café into a gallery space. This café gives the feeling of a luxurious gallery with a good mood and soft music. Also unique is that this café sells various herb teas that others don’t sell. You only have to visit here once to appreciate the unforgettable tea enjoyed with nature.

4. Sweet Lab
(Sangnam Dong behind community service center)
Do you like to eat dessert? The café‘s desserts are handmade Japanese style. And the café uses natural whipping cream. So, we enjoy the taste of milk and egg. Do you want to learn baking? If so, you can take a baking lesson in this café. There is a baking studio next to the café.

Café Hau

5. Café Hau
(Yongho Dong street café)
As Café Hau was set up by Changwon National University graduates and teachers, and is motivated by 'trade, not aid.' This café is focused on local, organic, low pesticide ingredients. Also, Café Hau thinks the environment and good neighbors are the highest value. The meaning of Hau is a gift with heart and soul in the Maori language.

6. Coffe Cup
(Yongho Dong street café)
Do you like to enjoy a coffee and cup cakes? This café has 11 kinds of cup cakes. Also, there are herbal teas that are grown organically. Do you like a quiet atmosphere? If so, you will like it here. The atmosphere is quiet and modern and is designed charmingly. If you want to enjoy cup cakes, just go!

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