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2015 Already Drawn to an End!

Hyeonkyeong: Did you remember when we entered The Campus Journal?

It’s quite a long time ago. I was very clumsy with working as a reporter at that time. And I’m surprised that it has been a year and a half since we entered.

Yuju: Of course I remember! All the things were really difficult for me, and sometimes I didn’t want to go to the meetings. Anyway, since then I have adjusted completely!

By the way, how do you feel to leave the journal?

Hyeonkyeong: I feel a little bitter sweetness. Working here made me tired and stressed out, but just as much, it gave me good coworkers, good memories, and unusual experiences. I will miss everyone and the time that I spent here. Although I’m leaving, I will watch the journal and read the news steadily. Well, how do you feel to become the next Editor in Chief?

Yuju: I’m a little nervous, but I’m really expecting and planning a lot of things. As I am being the chief next year, I’ll do as much as I can and do the best. It’s quite long time I’m staying with the Campus Journal, and I hope I finish this work well as a reporter and editor.

Lee: It’s been one year and a half since we worked at the Campus Journal. How do you feel?

Jo: I can’t imagine my campus life without the Campus Journal. How about you?

Lee: Me, too. I will never forget my experience as a reporter. Is there a memorable article for you?

Jo: Writing articles in English is a very hard task for me, so every article was a challenge. Especially, I wrote an article about the ‘adultery law’. It's not even easy to write about the adultery law in Korean, so first, I had to research it and then I could write. When I saw my articles in the paper, I was proud of myself. That was a pretty cool experience.

Lee: It seems that you are a real journalist! In my experience, my article about the indirect election was hard to write. However, I could learn more about our university voting system and know how important it is. Due to the Campus Journal, our school life was different from that of ordinary students.

Jo: Besides, we could make connections with various people including the Campus Journal members. It was very nice working with them.

Lee: I think so, too. Thank you for your effort to all the members. We will miss you very much!

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