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2015 Already Drawn to an End!

Sarah: It’s already the last issue this year. To say it’s ‘final’ is always difficult for me. How do you feel about it?

Seung-in: I can’t believe that it has already been been a year since I came in as a reporter at the CWNU Campus Journal. This was my one and only club related activity for a year ever since I entered this school. Since I’m now promoted to an official reporter, I’m feeling much more responsibility than I had when I was a cub reporter.

Sarah: Me too. During this one year I’ve learned a lot as a reporter. I would like to convey my best gratitude to the chief, the 7 reporters, and Luke. Without their support, I couldn’t manage the work. I’ve been happy with them. Especially, I want to say “I wish you to have a happy future before you!” to Chief Won-kyeong, my senior Hyeon-kyeong, Ha-eun, and Yu-na. Do you have any more words for the seniors?

Seung-in: I also want to express my gratitude to those senior reporters who helped me and the other cub reporters. Finally, for those reporters who are leaving, thank you for your great effort for our article over the past year. Please, say something to the readers.

Sarah: Every Tuesday we had meetings to make the best article for CWNU students. There is the measure of our passion and countless nights we’ve struggled with articles in every issue. I hope that more CWNU students will interestedly read our Journal.

Sung-il: We just joined the Campus Journal and now we are closing this year’s newspaper. I feel so awkward.

Su-jin: That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now! I still remember the first meeting. I feel embarrassed whenever I recall that time. While I hadn’t prepared well for items of the upcoming newspaper and I was scolded by the Chief reporter, Won-kyeong, you did a good job! I’m sure there will be some cub reporters just like me!

Sung-il: I wonder who will join us next. I hope someone very energetic! I also want them to be cooperative, not only to us but also to the new Chief reporter, Yu-ju. Furthermore, because I am not good at English and had a hard time writing articles, I want someone with great English skills!

Su-jin: I’m not looking forward to seeing new cub-reporters! I want to remain the youngest forever! That is why I am so sad right now. Many reporters are leaving...

We want to thank Ha-eun, Yu-na, and Hyun-kyung for always taking care of us and putting as much effort as you can into the newspapers. Also, to say to our Chief reporter, Won-kyung, we can’t even imagine your efforts but we know you did a great job. We really want to thank you for always taking care of ‘everything’ about the newspaper. Thank you so much! Congratulations Yu-ju for being the Chief reporter! We’re very sure you will be faithful to your duties.

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