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Building happiness with bare hands
Junior in CWNU Department of ArchitectureCha Eu-Ju, volunteering for the homeless household.

Q. Please introduce yourself to the CWNU Campus Journal readers!

Cha: Hi my name is Cha Eun-ju and it’s my 3rd year in the Department of Architecture of CWNU and I utilize my major when volunteering in my faculty circle.

Q. When did you start to volunteer for those people who are in need of habitation?

Cha: After entering CWNU, I found out that my department had a voluntary circle affiliated with ‘Habitat for Humanity’ called ‘Z.I.P’ which is a Korean pronunciation for housing. Afterwards, I participated in regular volunteer service in the summer break which got me into it.

Q. What do you think about while volunteering?

Cha: I don’t have a particular thought but I try hard to stay focused on my work since my goal is to supply shelter to the homeless ‘home partners’ whom I wish to have a comfortable life.

Q. To which kinds of subjects do you guys volunteer?

Cha: We help those who are fit as ‘Home partners’. Home partners are those who are acknowledged to be homeless and have difficulties economically. But they have to have the minimum financial ability to pay the revolving fund since the money is used for the next home partner. They also have to participate in volunteer work for the following home partner.

Q. What kind of work are you responsible for during the volunteer service?

Cha: As a crew leader, since my team manager can’t lead all of the volunteers, I oversee those volunteers who are assigned to me and take responsibility for their safety and basic education like a bridge connecting between the volunteers and my team manager.

Q. Could you explain to the readers what kind of organization ‘Habitat for Humanity’ is?

Cha: Habitat for Humanity is a Christian volunteer organization that provides housing to the homeless households. The principle of this organization is when the sponsors provide financial support for construction expenditure, the volunteers work like a bee to build the house.

Q. What did you feel during your volunteer work for the people who need help?

Cha: During the volunteer work, I felt that lots of people live their life with passion and ferocity. Many people come here with a good motivation and those warm hearted minds gather and make a better world. Also, it let me see a wider world meeting with students from a variety of universities.

Q. When do you feel proud when volunteering?

Cha: I feel proud when I perform my undertaken role well and when other volunteers come to me and say that they’ll come again to volunteer. The best part is when I see my home partners living happily with comfort in the house we built.

Jeong Seung-in  msjwk9497@naver.com

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