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Well-balanced teamwork led us to victory!

“We are going to Hawaii!” Lee jee-hye (School of Chemical & System Engineering), Song hye-won, Kwon mi-rim (School of Mergence of Civil, Environmental, and Chemical & System Engineering) won the first prize at the English presentation contest which is a part of ELP characterization business. I met those who were awarded the first prize ticket to Hawaii.

Q How does it feel to win the first prize?

Lee : I want to express my appreciation to everybody. Audiences applauded us while doing the presentation, and many friends cheered for us saying, ‘Do your best!’ and ‘Go and get the first prize!’

Song : I appreciate the people after the competition. Many people noticed our first prize and talked to us, and celebrated us with going to Hawaii. I’m much obliged to everyone.

Q Why did you decide to participate in this presentation contest?

Song : First of all, Mirim and I like English purely. I wanted to study English more, and to compete in the English presentation challenge.

Lee : While participating in ELP program, I’d liked to experience more and more. So I considered this program by various angles, and it took about only 2 weeks, I decided to take part in it.

Q What parts did you take in this team?

Song : I mainly made some ideas. Then, I constituted the main subject, and big flow of the presentation. In a word, I worked out a road map.

Kwon : I accepted, qualified, and organized the opinions. Also, in the middle of the team, I observed the situation if it went the wrong direction.

Lee : As a team leader, I tried to lead the team well. If Hyewon says some excessive opinion, I made her to calm down. Also, she has been saying that we are a well-balanced team. I think we divided each role appropriately.

Q Weren’t there any difficult parts while preparing?

Lee, Song, Kwon : Definitely time! We always ran out of time, so we had some regret that there wasn’t enough time. Also, it was another difficulty that we didn’t have personal time while preparing for the competition. We have to study our major, or others, but we hadn’t enough time.

Q I wonder why you select Swaziland, little bit unacquainted, as a subject of presentation.

Song : Actually I suggested this subject. At first deciding the presentation subject, ‘Country’ was one of the options. I’ve been interested in global volunteering, while I was looking for places to volunteer, I found ‘Swaziland’. Swaziland is unacquainted, so many people don’t know about that country. I thought people will be rather interested in this subject, so I selected this.

Q What differentiates your team from others?

Song : It’s teamwork. Not for just winning the prize, everyone is interested in English, and likes English, and we prepared diligently. Every time we prepared very enthusiastically, so we got a good result.

Q Can you give us a tip for the people who prepare for the next presentation competition?

Lee, Song, Kwon : Our main weapon was that we did a presentation casually compared to other teams. We asked a question, told some interesting story, and even danced! Because our presentation was unstructured, people concentrated well. There were some mistakes, but our casual stle was the largest benefit. Don’t think like that you have to memorize all the scripts or your grammar has to be perfect. Just enjoy your presentation!

Oh Yu-ju  -

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