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A new performance culture in CWNU has been made!

At the end of spring, CWNU is abuzz with busking. Then, who is the person who planned the busking? I met Shin dae-hwan (Dept. of German Language & Literature), a plan maker of this performance.

Q. Why did you decide to plan the Busking?

Shin: Honestly, I like playing. I want to make the opportunity to get together and mix with CWNU students. Now, I’m on a break from CWNU, so I did my best to plan this performance. Adding to this, I originally like planning and making the performances because I feel happy when the audiences enjoy it. This time was a good opportunity, so I made a plan.

Q. How did you recruit a performer and do a promotion?

Shin: First, I contacted the performer that I knew already. Then, because this performance is about music, I contacted the president of Dept. of Music and the president of the club alliance. As for public relations, SNS was the big thing. Through Facebook pages like ‘Report instead CWNU’ and ‘General students’ association’, I did a lot of public relations. Moreover, I put up posters around the campus.

Q. Could you say a few words after the first performance?

Shin: First, I was really happy and I enjoyed every moment because many people came and sat through the performance. I appreciate the performers and audiences. Because of them, I could have an unforgettable, valuable memory.

Q. Will the Busking be continued?

Shin: The purpose of this busking is to make a busking culture. When the students want to listen to music and enjoy the performances, they can go to the dormitory lake every Thursday, and enjoy it. Next time, the performers won’t use musical equipment but just voice and instruments.

Q. Lastly, do you want to say something to the readers?

Shin: I want to plan new performances every month. I hope to establish a school performance culture in our school, and make a place for communication. It could help you relieve stress and have a lot of fun in the university. Lastly, I want you to enjoy and participate in other performances that I will plan.

Oh Yu-ju  -

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