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What do you think of The Campus Journal?Question
Reporter : Do you know 'The Campus Journal' that is a newspaper in English reporting news on CNU ?
Interviewee : Yes, it is published every 2 weeks on Monday within Changwon Univ. Newspaper, right ?

Reporter : Yes, so do you read 'The Campus Journa' ?
Interviewee : Of course, I do. But not always. I read °ÆThe Campus Journal°Ø when I have a time.

Reporter : Do you think CNU students read 'The Campus Journal' ?
Interviewee : Yes, I think students read 'The Campus Journal' if they have a time.

Reporter : So, what article are you more interested in?
Interviewee : Ggul beok-ji. It's a hot issue online and offline. Whatever the word ‘ggul beok ji’ has trouble with Ministry of Gender Equality. I like article's photo. I set that photo as my cell phone's back ground.

Reporter : If so, what change do we need to make more students read 'The Campus Journal'?
Interviewee : Hmm.. It is a hard question. I think 'The Campus Journa' delivered information about CNU and just interesting things currently. In my opinion, helpful information about university students for example, about job fair and interview for employee.

Reporter : Thank you for answering my questions. 'The Campus Journal'
promises to show you better than 'The Campus Journal'
(interviewed to Kim Sun-Ju dept. cf civil engneering)

Hwang Dong-Hyun  ssams5@changwon.ac.kr

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