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Three Characteristic and Recommendable Clubs in CWNU

CWNU has 46 club in Bongrim student hall and stands. Each clubs have distinct characteristics. On March, the introduction about club held by 'Club Federation'. Unfortunately, only 100 freshmen participated in the introduction. Through this paper, we introduce CWNU's representative club.

1. Sunrang

Sunrang is Taekwondo club. Taekwondo is the traditional self-defense martial arts in Korea. Sunrang has 20 years history and many older alumni. Sunrang usually participate in CWNU's official events; an entrance ceremony, festival, and volunteer work. Last Monday, the general female student association held International Women's Day event. Sunrang took part in the event and showed dance, self-defense martial art, and demonstration of breaking wood tiles. Yang Hee-Seung, a member of Sunrang, said "Taekwondo uses the entire body, particularly the hands and feet. It not only strengthens one's physical wellbeing, but also cultivates character via physical and mental training, coupled with techniques for discipline".

2. CNUSS(Changwon National University Skin Scuba)

CNUSS is skin scuba club. Since 1988, CNUSS dived to depth sea and clean up the sea. CNUSS usually works in Masan Bay, Geoje Bay, and Jeju Island. In addition, it holds the athletic meeting and founding ceremony with older alumni. With its strengthened ties with senior, it could equip scuba equipment; diving suits, helmet, and swim fins. Cho Young-Dae, the chief of CNUSS, said "It is enjoyable to swim in the ocean. Skin scuba is safe with safety regulations. It does not entail enormous cost. CNUSS is equipped with the newest scuba equipment. Please don not hesitate to contact us."
3. APC(Academic Photo Club)

APC which has 30-years history is photo club. Because it is equipped darkroom, the club members can develop photos by themselves in darkroom. In addition, it has some cameras. Even though you do not have camera, it dose not matter. The club members take pictures and hold an exhibition by themselves. Cho Chul-Min, the chief of APC, said "We take a walk in the suburbs and take pictures on weekends. Everybody who likes photos is always welcome."

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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