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INKA ENTWORKS : Emphasis On Freedom

What is your dream company? Are you expecting to work with strict order of rank or cubicle desk? How about horizontal organization and free-form of work? If you prefer the last one, I would like to introduce you to INKA.

All about INKA

INKA ENTWORKS is an online digital contents security company, providing proprietary, standard *DRM technologies and has commercialized DRM interoperability technology for over a decade since 2000. In short, they protect copyright from hackers on mobile games, movies, songs, educational applications, etc. In 2009, they became one of the world 6 DRM companies by approving Hollywood Studio. The office is in Yongsan-gu, Seoul with 35 members on the staff.

*DRM (Digital Rights Management) ; Solutions that can block illegal transfers of digital content, including software, videos, movies, songs, games, publications, etc.

Advantages of INKA

INKA was selected one of 100 enterprises most people want to work for because of their strong confidence in a team. INKA is the best family friendly management. If you need to take care of your family, you could work at home. There are no regulations of work time ‘what time you go to office and leave the office’, it depends on each member’s lifestyle. They don’t impose strict rules on your life. That’s why their satisfaction is high. For staff, there is a mileage system that gives opportunity to self-development and cultural life.

The right people for INKA

They look for 4 core competencies of people, a strong sense of responsibility, enthusiasm in their work, sufficient expertise and communication skill. They said concretely they were seeking employees who are honest, work hard to upgrade their expertise, can communicate with mutual respect and demonstrate the frontier spirit in the global world.

The way of recruiting

INKA follows basic steps of recruitment: application, review process, and a personal interview. 3 interviewers will ask some questions based on the application. They give weight to an individual’s story, what experiences applicants have, how they overcame adversity compared to their year or major. In the interview, they find out applicant’s crisis management ability and introspection by asking “When was the most difficult time for you? How did you overcome it?”. They usually select experienced people, but often look for entry-level employees. The average annual income for a new employee is 24 million won.

INKA is posting a job opening until May 31st. Staff who have more than 2 years experience and deal with RFP (Request For Proposal), SRS (Self Regulating System) are now being recruited for the new web service project. For more information, visit INKA ENTWORKS (www.netsync.co.kr) or search the recruit site (www.jobkorea.co.kr) or www.work.go.kr.

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