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Contoversy over 'Loser' has caused a StirHot Issue
“The Beautiful Women’s Chatter” which airs on Monday night on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) 2TV at 11:00 p.m. pursues that viewers appreciate Korean’s culture and life from foreign women’ point of view. It caused a bitter controversy on November 9th. Lee Do-Kyung who is a guest student said “In my opinion, the height is competitive power. I am 170 centimeters tall. I think men are not less than 180 centimeters tall. A short person is a loser.” Her remark has become the object of controversy. After broadcasting, angry people wrote letter of complaint on online bulletin board. They insisted that her behavior deserved to be criticized. They blamed a guest and a program producer. And they parodied her statement. This behavior is called ‘rebellion of losers’.

Some people made public her personal information; a mini homepage, an address, and a cellular phone number. In addition, they spread groundless rumors. For example, she did the plastic surgery and had come close to be expelled from the school. Things were getting and getting serious. Some people claimed for compensation for damages from her remark. 76 men raised lawsuits against KBS. The amount of damages which they requested was 3.8 billion won. As the situation had grown worse, KBS changed a program producer and all interested people. Although Nam Hee-Seok who is a talk show host apologized properly, the situation did not calm down.

Other people were concerned about her mental shock. They insisted that “The netizen should uphold her human rights. Although she used improper words, we must not conduct a witch-hunt against her. Whatever the reason, we can not ruin her life. A producer should have edited a disputable video.”

A psychologist revealed a negative opinion toward this controversy. He said “The height designates appearance. People blame not her remark but a society fixated on beauty. Although appearance is competitive power, do mot judge a man by his outlook. When Korean women judge a men, women highly regard by men’s ability, a prospect, and an affection order. However, when Japanese women judge a man, women highly regard men’s personality, an affection, and values order. We have to change the appearance-oriented attitude.”

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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