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You did a good job today and I always cheer for you
Album cover of 'You did a good job today and I always cheer for you'

When I was just a high school student, my parents worked for the same company. However the company went bankrupt, so both lost their jobs. Therefore our family didn’t have income for over a year. It was a hard time for me. My parents didn’t have time to pay attention to my brother, sister, and me because they were busy looking for jobs. It naturally made me have less time to talk with my parents. I was very lonely and felt daunted at home. At that time, a song “You did a good job today” by Ok-sang-dal-beet comforted my mind. When I came home after school, I often defied my parents because of resentment for not taking care of me. Along the way, this song lyric, “Although no one is interested in your sorrow, I always cheer for you and you did a good job today,” was really comforting to me and touched my heart. Due to this comfort, I could understand the situation of my parents and could have the right mind. I want to recommend this song for high school students who took or will take a test (Scholastic Ability Test). Whatever the test result, I want them to receive energy that I took from this song.

Kim Chan-ha  -

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