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Caffeine-added food

There is caffeine in green tea, matte tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, soda (Cola, Cider, Mountain Dew), coffee milk, ice cream, painkillers, cold medicine, headache pills, stimulants, invigorating drink, etc.

Tea : 30~70mg Mountain Dew: 55mg

Cola : 30~45mg Soft drink(12oz can)

Chocolate : 30mg Diet Pepsi: 35 mg

Stimulant : 100mg Coca-Cola: 45 mg

Cold medicine : 30mg Diet Cola: 45 mg

Ground coffee : 80~135mg Dr. Pepper: 39 mg

Instant coffee : 65~100mg Pepsi Cola: 37 mg

Diet Mountain Dew: 55 mg

Inconvenient Truth of Energy Drinks

Nowadays, drinks called Energy Drinks with high amounts of caffeine are selling like hot cakes.

I examined energy drinks in popularity and amongst almost all students I talked to, they are popular for their wake-up effects. Because of the high caffeine content there are rumors spread it can reinforce concentration and help fatigue recovery for a certain period of time. They have become a must have item for hardworking students.


The effects don’t last a long time, although you can

feel energetic temporarily because of so much sugar and caffeine.

It also has some side effects. Taking caffeine in large amounts has been known to cause cardiac disorder. And it disturbs calcium absorption, so adolescents can’t grow well.

If your rhythms of life are broken, you will hinder deep sleep and cause chronic fatigue.

And ingesting too much sugar can lead to obesity.

In America, a baseball player was sickened through caffeine hyper-ingestion.

Many people mix alcoholic drinks and energy drinks, but it can be fatal. The phenomenon of blackouts increases 3 times, and drinking and driving increases 4 times.

Even, Boong Boong juice is prevalent. It is a mixture of soft drink, energy drink, and refined vitamin C powder. Various recipes are spreading rapidly online. Like this!

-Recipe 1 : Boong Boong drink : lemona 2+ Bacchantes 2

-Recipe2 : Bacchantes sweat : Bacchantes 2+ pocari sweat 1 can

-Recipe3 : Great sweat : Bacchantes 2+ pocari sweat 1 can+ lemona 3

But remember, these drinks can be bad for your health!

Especially something called Seoul University Juice, which attracts students who study all night long. This drink is highly caffeinated, 10 times more than an americano. For youth, the recommended daily intake of caffeine is 125mg on a 50kg basis.

Too much caffeine can cause serious heart palpitations, flushness, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia etc. Recently, people were shocked by of an experiment that saw the heart rate dramatically increase from 90 to124 after drinking a high-caffeine drink.

Lee Hye-in  youngwon13@naver.com

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