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The Family’s Month, May

In Korea, May is the best month to live comfortably and vibrantly because many plants make flowers and leaves and the sun shines enough to do activities outside. So people say May is the most beautiful month. The reason that May is Family’s Month is related to the beauty of nature. Also, May brings hope, happy days to think affectionately about people, and to partake in days such as Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, and Teacher’s Day.

In May the weather is balanced (not cold and hot), so May symbolizes gentleness and generosity. And the green nature reflects wishes and hopes for a bright future in life and the year. The result of May’s gifts brings harmony and happiness to our lives. From old times, if all families are happy and peaceful, the country is happy and peaceful. It means people must care for themselves and family firstly and take time to see and do the things that are truly important.

Many university students become neglectful of their family, especially students who live in dormitories or boarding houses. Many can’t go home to spend time with family because they must study their major and do their individual or group reports or other school related work. On usual days, they have to spend all their time to do reports and study so they are successful. They want bright futures and have lofty goals. During test periods, they study to get good grades and scholarships. Students in dormitories sometimes feel that they are guests in their own houses. It means many students want to go home and spend time with their families but they can’t do that. It is one of the defects of modern university systems.

In the last days of May, we must share our experiences, spend time doing something, and create harmony with family and community. Change is difficult but change can start from something small and become very large. We can have peace and happiness in our lives if we take time to do the things that are meaningful and bring harmony.

Kim Dae-gon  kimdaegon21@changwon.ac.kr

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