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Having a Competitive EdgeTo the Readers
I know well the limitation of my ability. I am avaricious and a man with many faults. I meant that I know way to prove that. So I want to find my special competitivenes how to live as such a person, I am not a man who is a great bright. I am also not good-looking and poor at singing a song. In other words, I don't have an special inborn talent. However, my pride wouldn't allow me to live without any unusual ability. If you don't care about living as an extra part in your life, you don't need to go through terrible hardships. However, unfortunately because I am grabby person whom an envious man waxes with the fatness of his neighbor.

I can understand the limits of my abilities. I am neither good-looking nor bright, and I am poor at singing, too. In other words, I was born without a gift, but I have learned to live with that. However, my pride wouldn't let me live like that. There are people who don't care whether they have talent or not. They can go on living their lives without being bothered by it. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people -- I am envious of people who are born under a lucky star.

I believe that I am different and special. but there are nos which can be visible. That was doing my best. I have accumulated my experience until now, because I was willing to do anything it takes. I did not even think that 'why I have to do my best about only this job. ' Istead of that, I thought that if I don't do it, I will be more lazy and watch TV for more long time.

I believe that there is something special about me and everyone, but it is difficult to find out what it is. The only way to prove that you are special is by doing your best. By doing your best, you create a competitive advantage for yourself. I have gained a lot of experience so far, and this is mainly because I have always been willing to do whatever it takes. I never question why I have to do my best on a particular job. I just do it. I have always thought to myself that doing something worthwhile is better than being lazy or watching TV for a long time.
Do you have the enough reason to do not your best on given works? At best, "I am not a man who preoccupy with these works. I just do it for a while."
It is a reason for evasion not a reason for development.

Do you have a valid reason for not giving it your best shot? Are you merely doing something because it preoccupies you at the moment? This mode of thinking leads to evasion rather than to self-improvement.
However trivial it is, if you do it in a positive attitude which you will be a best person, you had better give up your dream which you will make the whole world your stage. I can say for sure, but there are no stage for you.

No matter how trivial the task is, if you keep a positive attitude and do what you can, it will open doors of opportunity for you. One cannot predict when an opportunity will present itself. Therefore, it is wise to always be alert and prepared so as not to miss a good opportunity. This will give you the competitive edge. By having the right attitude and the willingness to just jump right in, the whole world becomes your stage, and you will feel proud of your performance.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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