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Dear FreshmenTo the Readers

Freshman, congratulations on your entrance into a college. You remind me of my freshman days. When I enter CWNU, I did not know what I can do or have to do the time of day during my university life. Because I had not the slightest idea what to do, I want you to do not waste your precious time to find what to do on your campus life. Also I would like to give you some advice.

How many you can gain from CWNU has yet to be known. Yes, It is an unknown quantity. Some person will gain much from CWNU. He will be good at his major. Because he is a specialist in his own major. He can get a good job. Another one will have diverse experiences in his university life. Club activities, voluntary service, experience of foreign country visit, and so on. Because he joined the university film society and his university theater group, he did such a special play and he accepts some challenges, he will get special experience. The others will have a good harvest at his efforts. However, it is an unknown quantity. Nobody knows that you will reap a record harvest nor have a poor harvest when you graduate from a graduate school. All of this depend on your passion.

First, I sincerely want you to be a passionate person for learning, “You must study hard because studying English and major is essential. Just study hard sitting in front of your desk.” I do not want to tell you like these. All I am really trying to say is if you want to fluently talk with the Japanese, you have to persevere in your efforts to master Japanese. If you really want to be a best figure skater, you have to make desperate efforts. All these efforts are a passion for learning to get a goal. You can not be a good person at any part in our world without efforts. When you carry out a task with ardor, you will grow.

Second, I want you not to lead a monotonous campus life but love a challenge the new thing. Although you will taste failure, it is not bad to taste failure in your earliest days. Just don't be frightened. Now make plans for your campus life. Do not pass your time idly. Do not challenge blindly. First, set your goal in life. Second, set your goal in your undergraduate days. Make a four-year plan of the freshman, the sophomore, the junior and the senior. it would be better to have a definite plan.

Now I wish I had done my best since I was a freshman. So I hope you to make your time a vintage year and make a plan once you read this
. Start it without delay.

Ock Jin-Young  Merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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