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Be Sure of Yourself

Spring arrived with forsythias in full bloom and the campus is still filled with a tingle of excitement regarding new semester. Meanwhile, some students, such as, senior and summer graduating students are leading a very busy life trying to achieve their goals, and others are agonizing over what to do with their life and career. I guess most students are considering how to get the best qualifications for jobs with major companies. Recently, I have received lots of career related questions from junior students in my department including, whether joining the hand-made car club, A.K, is helpful for getting a job, and what qualifications are necessary for getting a job? My answer to their questions is “I don’t know.” I have never got a job so, how would I know that? It was obvious to me that lots of students, including the junior students in my department, focused more on other people’s thoughts and while they took on a passive attitude about what they want to do. I want them to know that they, themselves, are the owner of their life. Now, I’m not telling you to be dogmatic in your approach but, maybe, take more consideration of what you want yourself and rely a little less on what other people say or do. If you express doubt in doing something, will the results not be obvious? And, if you behave with conviction, who can tell you that you are wrong? I was at an A.K reunion recently and there were about 50 people ranging from the founding members to the most recent joiners, so I could meet a lot of alumni and listen to their stories. One alumni’s story springs to mind. He graduated our school’s master’s course but he could not get a job. So he applied to work at a company of his choice part-time for a year and a half. As a result, now he is now a research scientist at Doosan Engine. The moral is that he used this experience of adversity by maintaining his self believe and perseverance. I encourage all of you to think a little more for yourselves about what you need to do to achieve your goals!

Jeong Hwan-su  -

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