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Welcome to the Campus Journal

Hello, Campus Journal readers. I’m the new editor-in-chief of the Campus Journal. It is a pleasure and honor for me to work for the newspaper. I will do my best to make a high-quality newspaper, along with the other reporters. Our aim is to satisfy readers through valuable information and news. We hope to accomplish our goal. The Campus Journal has five pages of different sections.

The first page

The front page is the Top section. It consists of two headline stories, and previews about the articles in the back pages. The two articles concern our campus. You can read about big issues concerning CWNU.

The second page

This page is the News & Opinion section. It contains an article (an in-depth story about CWNU), a letter to the readers, and columns about various topics.

The third page

Page Three includes interviews with diverse people, and articles by foreigner instructors from the Language Education Center. Interviewees are selected from outside and inside of campus, so you can read about various kinds of people.

The fourth page

The fourth page provides information we should know, or some useful tips. Topics change week to week, so if you want to know about something, send your request by e-mail. We will try to provide information about your topic.

The fifth page

The last page is about entertainment. This page consists of two entertainment articles and a crossword puzzle. Answers for the puzzle are in the Campus Journal. Have a fun time!

If you want to give feedback about the Campus Journal, or have an opinion, don’t hesitate to contact us via email. We are also seeking new cub reporters. We would like the participation of freshmen. For more information, email us.

by Jung Hwan-su, editor-in-chief

Jung hwan su  powersoft3@naver.com

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