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Hello. I’m the new editor-in-chief of the English newspaper you are reading now. Do you know what The Campus Journal is? I think perhaps you don’t. Before joining our university press, I didn’t know either. I understand you. So I want to introduce the newspaper. The Campus Journal is the name of our English Newspaper. It has five pages having different sections.
The first page is the Top section. It contains our campus news (mainly hot issues or important information) and previews (summaries of some articles). I think the Preview section can help you read our newspaper easily. And sometimes we will post an article about the general students’ association of our school on the first page. The article will explain how the association fulfills its election promises -- or how it doesn't.
The second page is the News & Opinion section. It also includes campus news, along with "To the readers" (my short essay), and correspondents' columns about various topics.
The third page is the People section. Similar to our previous papers, it will post essays by LEC instructors who correct our reporters’ articles, and interviews with people such as prize winners in our school, exchange students, etc. But during initial meetings, our reporters suggested that we expand the range of the interviewees to include people such as Social Entrepreneurs whom we rarely encounter. So you can meet various kinds of people by reading our newspaper.
And the fourth and fifth pages will interest you, I think! Page Four introduces information we should know or some useful tips. Last, the fifth page is about entertainment, such as fortunetelling for the new year, the famous restaurants and tourist spots in our community, and so on.
I think the first page is the most important. Reading articles about the general students’ association, we can monitor whether they keep their promises or not. If they don’t, we will urge them with students' opinions. We hope they keep their promises well.
Lastly, we will keep our promise to you that we don’t make a boring, difficult newspaper. So we hope you enjoy our paper.

Park Ji-min  applemaro@changwon.ac.kr

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