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Welcome to the New Campus Journal!

The second semester of 2012 has begun! Did you have a good time during your vacation? Maybe most students’ answer would be, "Well, I don't know…." If you made good use of your time, that's great! But if you didn't, it's also great! Because getting enough rest is like recharging your battery. And our Campus Journal has prepared a brand new look with cub reporters. Today I will introduce each page of the new issue.

Front page - Top
The front page of a newspaper is the most important page, giving a reason to read the newspaper. So, we tried to change the image of this page and focus on photos rather than articles. Did we succeed in attracting your attention?
Second page - Communication
This page is made up of talk with readers about the Campus Journal. Concretely, it includes readers' assessments of the newspaper and reporters’ and readers’ talk about selected topics. So, this page needs your involvement. Please give me your opinion! Third page - People
Page Three is my personal favorite because it includes interviews and foreigners’ essays. Perhaps many people will like it as I do; and we paid special attention to the design. Did it feel like reading a letter that someone sent you?
Fourth page - Common sense
These items involve subjects with useful information that will interest everyone, such as this issue’s information about studying English. Topics will change week by week, so if you want to know about something, please send me your opinion. You may read articles on your chosen topic in the next issue.
Back page - Entertainment
The last page is like dessert! Everyone can just enjoy it. It's easy and fun. I don't know whether you have already solved the puzzle or ladders game! Correct answers for the puzzle are in the Campus Journal.

Kim Gyeong-ah  -

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