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Have I been studying English for 14 years?

English... now I'm a college senior, and have been studying English for 14 years, since third grade elementary school. So why can’t I speak English very well yet? Recently I have begun thinking. If I’ve studied English for 14 years, I should talk with foreigners easily. Now, I'm Editor-in-Chief at CWNU, but I'm not confident about my English. So, am I a fool? At school, when I look around I can easily find friends who are similar to me.

Why don’t I speak English well, despite studying for over 14 years? It is a really interesting fact! I think the answer to this question is "Desperation." Desperation is need, and an important factor in our life.

For example, I'm a student of the College of Engineering, but I was not good at mathematics when I began. When I was young, I was not good with figures and mathematics was too hard for me. Then, even when I became a freshman, my mathematics was not outstanding. But now that I'm a senior, I'm not afraid of math anymore. I was afraid to be asked about math, but now I'm not. The reason I have confidence in mathematics is "Desperation." I tried hard to receive good grades. And I had to try harder than my friends. As a result, I started to have confidence in math.

English is the same. In spite of studying English for a long time, the reason that we don't speak English well is we don't feel the need to speak English. Even though you are learning English, you haven’t had a chance to talk in English. Right? It’s the same for me! You still haven't recognized the necessity of English.

So then, what have you done seriously up to now? "Lack of desperation" is one disease that modern man suffers acutely.

Kim Gyeong-ah  -

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