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Larry King’s speech asks people to look back on human values.
Larry King, who was an outstanding TV talk show host, gave the keynote address at ‘Seoul Digital Forum 2011’. His speech emphasized the importance of human connection. To explain why he visited Korea, he said “The reason I’m here is human connections. Satellite is amazing … but there is nothing like connecting in person”.

So, why did he emphasize the importance of human connection? He said, "I don't think talk will ever change. We are not going to have a robot or electronic talk show. It is still going to be people talking to people.” In my opinion, perhaps he is concerned about problems caused by the development of networking technology.

Recently, the incident in which a woman announcer committed suicide due social networking service (SNS) violence, was reported by many media organizations. That is a bad aspect of SNS. SNS also has good parts, such as the possibility of unlimited communication. But now there are restraints on all modern people, which are caused by the development of networking technology.

I think that many people seem to have forgotten the direct relation between person and person. They use their smart devices most of the time and connect with others that way. Then, little by little, they are left alone. If you watched the movie ‘The Social Network’, I think you might also agree with my opinion.

The development of technology gives us many conveniences. But there is nothing like connecting in person. And technology is not a person. Never forget that.

Ryu Seung-bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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