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Seminar in the Dept. of Biology and Physics
CWNU recently held two seminars designed to boost the general knowledge and meet the interests of our students. The Biology and Physics Departments offered specialized knowledge by inviting outside experts and choosing subjects within each department that are of interest to students. Furthermore, the Dept. of Physics plans periodic seminars, to be held every Wednesday during the first semester, which will address issues of interest to the student community.

Dept. of Biology Seminar

The Dept. of Biology held a seminar on the subject of mushrooms. The seminar’s title was “Mushroom and Man.” There has not been much study of mushrooms at our university, so the interest of biology students was very high. The seminar was held in the No. 31 Building seminar room (fourth floor, 31402). The teacher was Kim Yang Sub, an interpretation researcher from Se-Jong Data.

Through this seminar, we got not only the life history and structure of the mushroom, an account of the mushrooms people can find easily, and the uses and dangers of mushrooms, but also a look at the future prospects of the mushroom market. Kim Se-Hun (Biology, 04), a student who participated in the seminar, said, “I took part in this seminar because the subject was mushrooms. Mushrooms are hard to learn about in class. After attending this seminar, I have more interest in mushrooms, and I was impressed that mushrooms have the same structure as other plants we can see all around. And I am also interested in the mushroom market. I am curious about the future of the mushroom market.”

Dept. of Physics Seminar

The Dept. of Physics holds a seminar regularly every Wednesday. This seminar is held in Building No. 2. Every week, different physics professionals will hold seminars on different subjects.

The first seminar was a special lecture for physics students. The second seminar was held on March 17th, 2010, at 1:30pm. This seminar’s teacher was Yang Hyun-Kyoung, a Professor from Pukyong National University (PKNU). The subject was synthesis, and the luminescent properties of rare earth ions-doped oxide thin films. This subject is difficult for a person who is not a physics major, but it is an interesting subject in physics. Physics students were satisfied with this seminar, saying that it easily explained the difficult subject matter.

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