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Lee Hyeon-Ho elected E.W.C. President

The 6th election of the Employment Welfare Committee (E.W.C.) took place on Thursday, March 18th. A new president and vice president have been selected through this process.

The winners of this election were the “You & I” campaign of Lee Hyeon-Ho (Dept. of Industrial & System Engineering) and Kim Cheong-Soo (Dept. of Chemistry).
The result was overwhelming. 162 students participated in the election, and all but 19 supported “You & I.” Therefore, they won the election by a record approval rating of about 88.3%.

The winners’ election pledges were divided into three parts: employment, welfare, and graduation. Regarding employment, they will provide opportunities for mock aptitude tests, employment camps, campus recruiting, employment information sms (short message service), a resume correction clinic and job fair.

Regarding welfare, they will provide opportunities for English speaking test lectures, mock TOEIC tests, a “You & I” festival, and a free lending service. Regarding graduation, they plan to introduce the bidding system for the graduation tour. In addition, they will practice transparent management in the production of the album.

Lee Hyeon-Ho, the new president-elect of the E.W.C., said, “I am so glad. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who supported me. And I will try hard to put my promises into practice. Finally, thank you once again to those who supported me.”

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