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Who will move CWNU students’ hearts in the upcoming election?

On April 13th, the 20th election of the National Assembly will be held. The term in office is from May 30th, 2016 to May 29th, 2020. As they establish the law and deliberate government, it widely and highly affects Korea, and narrowly some individuals, depending on who becomes the next members of the National Assembly.

We conducted a survey about both the election and the attention for the 20th election of National Assembly with 62 random CWNU students.

As you can see in the first diagram, 45 students (73%) haven’t voted for the election of National Assembly. 52 students (84%) answered the reason why they did not vote was that they were not given the right to vote at that time. ‘Not interested in the election’, ‘no one to vote for’, and ‘due to personal situation’ were other reasons.

According to the second question, while 57 students (90%) will vote for the election of the National Assembly, only 5 students (10%) would not vote. When we inquired about the reason of not voting, 3 of them (60%) were not interested in the election and 1 student each (20%) chose ‘no one to vote for’ and ‘due to personal circumstance’.

The third question was about the interest of the 20th National Assembly election. 7 students (11%) showed the highest interest, 24 students (39%) showed high interest, 23 students (37%) chose ‘average’, 7 students(11%) answered ‘not interested’ and ‘not at all’ was chosen by 1 student (2%).

In addition, we asked ‘what is the decisive reason that you support a specific candidate?’ 33 students (53%) chose ‘pledge’, 28 students (45%) answered ‘personality’, and 1 student (2%) said ‘school ties’.

Last but not least, when we questioned, ‘Do you have any candidate you support?’ 51 students (82%) said ‘no’ and 11 students (18%) responded ‘yes’.

In summary, most of the survey respondents are scheduled to vote for the upcoming election and their interests are also over average. However, they do not support a specific candidate and they will back the one who will present a substantive commitment or has a great personality.

From this 24th to 25th, the candidate registration will be held. It seems the candidate with a practicable pledge or upright personality obtains votes from CWNU students. It remains to be seen who the candidate who can move CWNU students’ hearts will be.

Sujin Seo  msjwk9497@naver.com

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