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CWNU’s Four Years of New Future

On July 14th, an inauguration ceremony for the 7th president of CWNU, Choi Hae-bum, was held in the Education Hall auditorium. About 600 guests including CWNU students, Alumni Association, a member of National Assembly and other university presidents participated in the event.

In the inaugural address, president Choi said that it is a historic moment for CWNU because we will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. However, due to the government’s extensive local university structural reform, it is true that CWNU is in a difficult situation. Choi therefore declared the renaissance of CWNU and promised to fulfill a new paradigm.

“Medical School”, “Local Development” and “Global Talent” were the main themes of Choi’s inaugural speech. He addressed the role of CWNU for the industry-university cooperation as a key partner in the local community and stressed the importance of setting up a Medical School. For the last 20 years, CWNU has been trying to establish a Medical School. It is necessary for Changwon-si which has over one million citizens to improve the current state of public welfare. He said that he had signed an MOA with Ahn Sang-soo, the Mayor of Changwon-si and promised to achieve the dream of a Medical School.

Then, Choi mentioned about several goals of CWNU and suggested specific direction. “To be loved by citizens and local companies, CWNU has to take the lead in doing volunteer work. Also, according to the university’s original mission, teaching well is very important.” he said.

Meanwhile, in the appointment process, president Choi was once rejected at the first evaluation because he was under suspicion of plagiarizing paper and duplicate publication. Also, he resigned from a candidacy of the presidential election in 2011 on charges of giving bribes. This is why we should pay attention to his next step.

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