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Meaning of April

March tells of the start of spring and May is pleasing. What’s the meaning of silent April? Let’s find out the meaning of this month.

Arbor Day, April 5th

Last April 3rd, Praxair Corporation donated 560 trees for commemorating Arbor Day. CWNU teaching staff, students, and Praxair staff planted the trees. The company has pledged to donate trees every year as an eco-friendly aid. Celebrating Arbor Day, such events have become common in April.

7th World Water Forum, April 12th

From April 12th to 17th, the Seventh World Water Forum is being held at Daegu EXCO and Gyeong-ju HICO. This Forum is one of the biggest international water events. Around 150 countries will attend a meeting for discussing the Global Water Problem. “Water for Our Future” is the main topic. Exhibition attendees can enjoy not only many cultural events, but also a civil forum.

Sewol ferry is floating on the sea filled with endless tears, April 16th

Last year, on April 16th, Sewol ferry left for Jeju island, sank to the bottom of the sea in only 140 minutes with 277 passengers. We have depended on the media and trusted the head of government, however, the article was found to be incorrect and the government showed irresponsible conduct. We could just cry bitterly but could do nothing for them. A year later, there are 9 still missing. We are demanding the truth to be told.

4.19 Revolution, April 19th

On April 19th, 1960, a huge movement agitating holding a reelection arose against the fraudulent election. On March 15th , one the demonstrators was found in a beach, shot to death. That triggered people to rise up against the government. We have reasons to thank their great courage and determination. Their sacrifices have made the Republic of Korea what it is.

Day for the disabled, April 20th

It is National Disabled Persons Day on April 20th. Inspiring the desire for rehabilitation and improvement of consciousness are the main purposes. In CWNU, there is an event “Step with you” on April 10th at 7 p.m. in CWNU Auditorium, in building 85. Won’t you join?

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