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CWNU, Painting Mural at Jirisan Dulle-gil Farming Village

CWNU students are praised in the community because they donated their talent to paint murals at Jirisan Dulle-gil Farming Village. This voluntary service started at the request of local residents when the participating students in ‘The 1st CWNU Cross-Country March’ met them by chance. ‘The 1st CWNU Cross-Country March’ was from August 18th to 25th during which time it was decided that a Changwon Memorial Monument for Japanese Army´s Comfort Women would be built. CWNU got students’ applications through a job advertisement on Waagle. After thorough examination, 10 students were chosen as volunteers. CWNU announced on October 22nd that the 10 volunteer students and CWNU employees would paint village murals at Jirisan Dulle-gil in Sicheon-myon, Sancheong-gun and Woonri village, Danseong-myon, Gyeongnam.

The volunteers went to the villages on September 26th. After consultation with the local residents, they decided on the mural drafts. Dried persimmons would be at Yangdang village for the purpose of attracting more tourists through the promotion of the “Jirisan Sancheong dried persimmons program”. They also chose a flower mural design for making the elderly shelter more pleasant at Woonri village. The murals were painted on October 18th and November 1st.

Noa Park (Dept. of Industrial Design), one of the volunteers said, “I’m so proud to paint murals at the request of local residents. I hope to join the local volunteer service more in the future”. Also Yeongae Jeong, Dean of CWNU said, ”I hope these murals attract more tourists to these villages. We will encourage CWNU students and employees to donate their time as much as possible”.

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