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The Festival of German Language & Literature
“The Night of German Language & Literature” was held in the Bongrim Students’ Assembly Hall on Friday, November 15. It is the biggest event in German Language & Literature, so students require much effort and hard work. Kim Jung-won, President of the Academic Society, and Sin So-hyun, a member of the academic society, were the MCs. The first section consisted of a fork dance, singing by students, and a dance performance by female students. After a short break, the second section started. There was a greeting of professors in German Language & Literature, and a gift card draw. The highlight of this festival was the play "Der Besuch der alten Dame By Durrenmatt.” It is about a heroine Clara, a high class prostitute who gets the runaround by an old flame, so leaves town. After many years, she comes back very rich. She offers one of the villagers a fortune to kill the old flame. At first, they are surprised and scared, but soon carry out the contract killing, and she leaves town with the body. The students of German Language & Literature prepared stage props and costumes to put this play on. They ended the event by showing the audience pictures of precious memories of the past year. There were many students from the College of Humanities to celebrate the event. It was a great success.
The Night of History and the Night of French of Language & Literature will also take place soon. These departments are busily preparing now for these events. Various performances are being planned. I hope that many of you will participate!

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