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‘Le Grand Ceremonial’ held at Bongrim Student Hall
A play called ‘Le Grand Ceremonial’ was held at CWNU’s Bongrim Student Hall from November 1st to 3rd. This play was sponsored by TNT Repertory Theater, and the representative of TNT is Professor Lee Ji-hun, Department of English Language & Literature, CWNU. The writer of ‘Le Grand Ceremonial’ is Fernando Arrabal, who acquired worldwide fame when he was nominated for the Novel Prize in 2005.
The main character of this story, Cavanoza, is born with a hunchback and raised in captivity by his mother. His mother was overprotective of her son, and Cavanoza became a mama’s boy. As he got older, his sexual desire got bigger, so he used dolls. His mother strongly demanded his love. But Cavanoza rejected his mom, and found a lady who had similar sexual taste. Cavanoza chained and whipped her, and they enjoyed doing this relationship. As his mother saw this scene, a weird love triangle started to form between the three of them.
‘Le Grand Ceremonial’ demonstrates a “wrong relationship” between the main character and his mother on the basis of the mother’s love, and through a love triangle. This work is a coming of age ceremony in which Fernando Arrabal celebrates himself.
The representative of this play, Professor Lee Ji-hun, wanted students to get to experience performing arts by ‘Le Grand Ceremonial’. She said that students, especially in Gyeong-Nam, don’t go to see performances naturally and that it is difficult at first to go. But once they experience it, it becomes easier to go again. She has offered a lot of pieces in the past, but this time, she also intended to give people a shock through the story of ‘Le Grand Ceremonial’.

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