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Confess your love right now!

October 16 at 2 p.m., comedian Kim Jae-dong visited CWNU for a lecture. The title of the lecture was “Hope and youth, Kim Jae-dong says put your arms around each other's shoulders.” He lectured for two hours on the platform, during which he spoke of things that are essential to people in their early twenties, such as love, the future, values, and goals. The biggest topic was love. He said “confess your love right now. Don’t worry about love.” His lecture was very good for CWNU students who gave up lessons to hear him.

Cherish the memory of the Comfort Women and Silence.

October 19, a memorial service was held in remembrance of deceased comfort women. CWNU students and Changwon citizens, scores of people attended this memorial service, including comfort woman who were being still tormented by their memories. These memorial services allowed us to know the comfort women’s pain.

Special lecture on chronic alcoholism

This lecture was about chronic alcoholism, which was being a very big problem in our society and among youth. The title of the lecture was “What is chronic alcoholism?” The instructor discussed symptoms of alcoholism and dangerous food matches. For example, salty food is not good with alcohol because this food increases alcohol levels in the blood.

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