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Looking for Kim Jong-uk

CWNU’s theater group, the Dramatic Art Research Group, had a special performance, the romantic musical-comedy, ‘Looking for Kim Jong-uk.’ This performance for the new semester ran from March 7 to 10 in Bongrim Building's small auditorium.
“We hoped to give freshman and other students a chance to feel this culture first hand, and to get them interested in cultural performances," general director Park Ah-jin, told The Campus Journal. "We usually begin with a play, but this time we wanted to try out a new genre, like the musical. In addition, another reason for this choice is that this musical is my favorite work."
‘Looking for Kim Jong-uk’ deals with the events and romance involving a woman finding her first-love and a man helping her to find it, and is a very well-known Daehakro musical. After working very hard during the winter vacation, the Dramatic Art Research Group performed this musical for the beginning of the new term. The small auditorium allowed audiences to the feel actors' detailed acting, words, actions and expressions, and to have so much fun being enraptured with the liveliness. The performance ended in success and was given good reviews by audiences.
“I can see the evidence of hard practice in the acting. The musical is very fun. I hope to see the next performance soon, said Jo Sung-sul.
“I admired the actors' natural acting in multiple roles,” said Cha Jung-hun.
“Thank you for giving us this chance. I have fallen for musicals theater. I want more performances,” said Lim Dae-ho.
“Actors and staff had to eat ramen for meals because we did not have enough money. But we spent much time, effort and passion practicing the musical, so I think we can receive a positive response. "Although we have no time because of tests and reports, we will make an effort to have frequent performances. Thank you. I love my colleagues," Ah-jin exclaimed. The next regular performance will be early in May.

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