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English Camps Held Successfully at the LEC

CWNU’s Language Education Center offered a four-week English Camp for freshmen students from Jan. 2nd to Jan. 27th. The camp was aimed at developing the students’ basic knowledge of English and helping students overcome their fear of speaking in English.
There were 120 participant students who were selected after a careful screening. The participants stayed at the dormitory and had a hectic schedule for a month. The students were assigned to a class and a specific level accordingly. They had a Korean homeroom teacher and teaching assistant. The classes began at 9 am and ended at 5:30 pm. In the morning, the students had to take classes that focused on Basic English skills
such listening, reading and writing. In the afternoon, they took English Conversation classes with native teachers.
The students also enjoyed various activities to practice their skills and improve their motivation for learning. Activities included games, English Golden Bell and Scavenger Hunt. The students were also awarded merit points daily for their good performance and received penalty points for not doing their homework. The students with the highest points received prizes and awards on the last day of the camp.
The students were highly-motivated and showed a remarkable improvement in their English skills at the end of the camp. The camp offered them a great alternative on how to spend their vacation more productively.
The Language Education
Center (LEC) had another camp for sophomore to senior CWNU students. The intensive camp called “Global English Village” had the same objectives and curriculum as the English camp for freshmen, but offered German and French classes as well. The program ran for three weeks, from Jan. 30th to Feb. 17th.
The LEC offers many language programs free of charge. The students are provided books, language training, examination fees, and accommodations for free. English camps are usually held during vacation period so if you want to improve your English skills without spending a single penny, check out the Language Education Center homepage for information.

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