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CWNU’s exchange agreement with Laotian university
CWNU entered into an interchange agreement with Souphanouvong University in Laos in a bid to promote cooperation and academic and cultural exchange. Two students have already been dispatched through mutual agreement.

The agreement was concluded by Park Seong-ho (president of CWNU), Jo Goon-jae (dean of academic affairs), An Seong-soo (deputy head of planning affairs), Jeong Yeon-sik (director of international exchange), Park Pil-han (secretary-general), Khamphay Sisayanh (president of Souphanouvong university), Chahue (Laotian professor), and Park Tae-yeong (professor, dept. of Korean language). The signing of the exchange memorandum and the ‘Scholarship Interchange Agreement Ceremony’ took place on Oct. 26th, Wednesday, on the 2nd floor situation room at CWNU’s main building. Under the memorandum, the scholarship grant will help reinforce the interchange and active cooperation between the two universities.

The exchange agreement includes student and faculty exchanges, exchange of academic information and publication, and organizing lectures and seminars. According to the agreement, exchange students are provided with free board and lodging and are exempted from paying the tuition fee, admission fee, and model fee of the hosting university, but will still have to pay the tuition fees in their respective universities.

Souphanouvong University, the 2nd largest university in Laos, was established in July 2007. The total cost of establishing the university amounted to $28.4M. The Korean government provided $22.7M while the Laotian government provided $5.7M for its foundation.

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