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Improve your English skills using for program of Language Education Center
The Language Education Center (LEC) is recruiting students who need to improve their English skills, to join the ‘CNU TOEIC Improvement Program’ and the ‘CNU English Conversation Enhancement Program.’ The dates for accepting applications are from October 18th to 21st. In addition, participants are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. And both programs consist of a six week course from November 1st to December 9th.

Both programs are 100 percent reimbursed, because they are part of the ‘Strengthening Education Capabilities’ program, which means they are supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. But each program has some conditions you must meet in order to be reimbursed by the university. The condition of the ‘CNU TOEIC Improvement Program’ is more than 75 percent attendance, and the ‘CNU English Conversation Enhancement Program’ requires more than 75 percent attendance and that the student enters three times a mock TOEIC provided during the training period.

Each program will be conducted according to students’ levels by offering a variety of subjects. The ‘CNU TOEIC Improvement Program’ will operate three classes, ‘TOEIC Beginners’, ’TOEIC Intermediate’, and ’TOEIC Speaking Beginners,’ and the ‘CNU English Conversation Enhancement Program’ will operate two classes, ‘English Conversation Beginners’ and ‘English Conversation Intermediate’.

These programs are not being offered for the first time. 369 students have already gone through the ‘CNU TOEIC Improvement Program,’ and 46 students have also gone through the ‘CNU English Conversation Enhancement Program.’

Han Sang-Kyu (Dept. of International Relations, 04) is completing the ‘CNU TOEIC Improvement Program.’ He said, “I am presently completing ‘TOEIC Speaking.’ Through this program, I have gained a lot of help. If you are prepared in connection with the English, I recommend you use these programs of the Language Education Center.”

In addition, the LEC offers another program, ‘E-Learning,’ to support students’ foreign language learning through VOD lectures of ‘EBS lang.’ The dates for accepting applications for this program are also from October 18th to 21st.

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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