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Learning the arithmetic of Love
The lecture about sexual psychology and dating communication, ‘The four fundamental arithmetic operations of Love,’ was hosted at the International conference Hall of CWNU on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 3 p.m. This lecture was co-hosted by the Sexual Assault Support Center and the General Female Students’ Association of the General Human Resource Development Center of CWNU to help students understand what love is, to prevent sexual assault within the campus, and to establish a safe sexual culture.

The invited lecturer was Hae-Gyeong Seung, the president of Changwon Women’s hotline center. President Seung had given a lecture at CWNU last semester about sexual harassment, ‘The Art of Dating,’ and had received great responses from students. President Seung is an alumna of CWNU, so she expressed her alma mater spirit, saying that she was excited to give a lecture at CWNU, and that she feels more active and enthusiastic than for other lectures, because she feels greater sense of intimacy with the students.

The topics of the lecture were the meaning of sex, the right communication skill, the causes of trouble during relationships, contraceptive measures for men and women, and the basics of communication. Regardless of the difficult subjects, the lecture was cheerful due to President Seung’s unique humor and wit.

Especially, she introduced I-communication, not You-communication as the right communication skill. You-communication can hurt others’ feelings, because it is to inquiry(interrogation), to criticize(forcing) and to advise(nagging). On the contrary, I-communication makes communication with others smooth by explaining the effects of concrete behaviors of others on you and expressing your feelings honestly.

Also, she said the causes of trouble during relationships is that both he and she always want their partner considerate towards them rather than they devote to each other first, but it can be solved out through interest, consideration(recognition), trust and communication.

President Seung ended the lecture by saying that, “If you are facing any difficulties in human relations or sex-related problems while in undergraduate studies, please contact the Sexual Assault Support Center or Changwon Women’s hotline, and we’ll kindly assist you.”

Afterward, Coreana Cosmetics continued the lecture about skincare for autumn, and also had a make-up demonstration and provided small gifts (card holder, pen) and hand cream to students attending the lecture.

One student who attended the lecture said, “I’ve learn that the words that slip from my tip of the tongue, my thoughts, and even my eyes can be sexual harassment to others. This lecture was very beneficial to help us clarify the concept of sex.”

Ko Hye-Young  khy2846@changwon.ac.kr

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