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Dae-dong-je festival: A story of 41 years & one message
1. Three representatives of professors, staff, and students in the inauguration of 'Green Campus', presenting the 'Low Carbon Emission and Green Growth'
2. IU, a pop singer wowing the audience with her awesome singing
3. Students participationg in the 'Environment Golden Bell'
4. Phoenix, CWNU's cheering squad, showing a powerful performance
5. A disability experience exhibition at the main gate sponsored by the Dept. of Special Education
6. sunrang, CWNU's Taekwondo club, demonstarting the breaking of a pine board
7. People flying 'Lanterns of Hope' during the festival

Bong-rim Dae-dong-je festival at CWNU was held from September 29th to October 2nd. This year, Dae-dong-je celebrated CWNU’s 41st birthday. In this year’s festival, there were far more diverse and interesting events than last year’s. From morning, several departments were busy pitching tents and preparing food. Then, many people, including middle or high school students and Changwon citizens, took part in the festival.

The first day was ‘A University Leader in Low Carbon Emission and Green Growth’ declaration ceremony and fireworks display, programmed events, the environment golden bell and the pop singer IU’s performance. Especially, so many people came to see IU’s performance that it was very hard for latecomers to watch the show. One student said “I only had seen singer IU on television. However, she looked very snug and pretty in person. I would like to sing with her and get her autograph but because there were too many people, I was disappointed that I couldn’t do it.”

The second day was the day for university clubs. Various club representatives took the opportunity to introduce their organizations and agenda as much as they liked. One club member said “Dae-dong-je is the best day to inform different people about our clubs. Many people participated and came to watch the club events.”

On the third day, the events featured Bong-rim singing competition, a dance by the girl dance group ‘Black Queen’, and the powerful performance of the idol group ‘MBLAQ’ who was invited as the main performers for the finale. The thirteen teams which qualified for thesinging competition decorated the stage. Noticably, there were far more women than men who came to watch the performance of MBLAQ.

The fourth day was the closing ceremony which featured the performance of ‘Sistar’. One student said during the closing ceremony “I feel that four days of fesitval is not enough. During the festival, I could experience a lot of things, become familiar with many people, and forget about job concerns. I’m concerned about going back to normal from next week. However, this moment is so good.”

Seong Jae-Ho  media@changwon.ac.kr

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