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CWNU Students Participate in Organ Donation Program

A campaign for the donation of organs took place in the square of Bongrimgwan at CWNU on April 29th between 10am and 5pm, sponsored by a foundation called “Busan/Gyeongsangnam-do Regional Association for the Donation of Organs to Save the Lives of Others.” On the path towards Bongrimgwan, some students were running because they were late for their classes, and others were talking to their friends on benches after lunch. However, all of them were full of laughter. The events were similar to any others of their kind at other universities, but the day was meaningful to the students of CWNU. About 140 students participated in the campaign for the donation of organs.

The students who participated in the completion of pledges on this day received organ donor cards and related stickers which could be attached to their social registration cards. One of the people involved in the campaign said, “This kind of event will occur in all the universities in Gyeongsangnam-do, starting with CWNU. Currently, there are about 18,000 patients who are waiting for organ transplants in Korea. About 1,000 of them die every year without getting the opportunity for an organ transplant.”

He emphasized the importance of making the pledge to donate organs, adding, “Even if a person has decided to participate in the donation of organs, it would be impossible to carry out the donation without the approval of his or her family. It is not compulsory for anyone to participate in such donation. It is important for people to get interested in the donation of organs through pledges with the intention of achievement.” The students who have submitted pledges will donate their organs. They will donate corneas in case of ordinary death. Furthermore, they will donate kidneys and livers in cases of cardiac death, while they will donate kidneys, hearts, and livers in cases of brain death. Even those who live can still donate kidneys.

Yeo Yun-Gyu, a student, said, “After seeing the TV drama called A New Heart, I decided to participate in organ donation. I am happy to find out that I can save the lives of others without becoming a doctor. I think that I do not have to be afraid of donating my organs to save the lives of others, since such donation will occur after I die. I hope that my fellow students will participate in the spirit of organ donation.”

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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