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What Does The Campus Journal Mean to Us?After three and a half y...
By Lee Yeon Ju,Editor-in-chief  |  2020-12-07 08:54
Technological Innovations From Elon Musk
Technological Innovations From Elon MuskElon Musk became a billi...
By Seo Hyo-bin cub-reporter  |  2020-11-23 02:24
The Heyday of Newsletters
The Heyday of NewslettersThe present era could be called the 'Age...
By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter  |  2020-11-09 07:24
Vol.282 Crossword Puzzle (+Vol.281 Answer)
Vol.282 Crossword Puzzle (+Vol.281 Answer)※ The representatives of...
Lee Yeon-Ju, Editor-in-chief  |  2020-10-25 19:52
2020 Changwon Sculpture Biennale: Changwon Exhibition
2020 Changwon Sculpture Biennale: Changwon ExhibitionChangwon host the 2020 C...
By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter  |  2020-10-25 17:33
Vol.281 Crossword Puzzle
Vol.281 Crossword Puzzle*The answers will begiven in the next issue*...
By Lee Yeon-ju,editor-in-chief  |  2020-10-05 09:31
What’s In Your Bag?
What’s In Your Bag?There is an endless number of trends on YouT...
By Seo Seong-il, reporter  |  2020-10-05 08:56
New Trend, Newtro
New Trend, NewtroNewtro: Why is Retro Making a Comeback?These...
By Bae Yun-bin, Choi Yu-ri  |  2020-09-20 23:10

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