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Multicultural Emergency Team Wins at Youth Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Competition
  • By Kim Min-seong, reporter
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▲The CWNU Multicultural Emergency Team striking a pose at the competition venue (Source: CWNU Waagle)

On October 13th, the, "Multicultural Emergency Team," comprised of foreign students at Changwon National University, achieved a significant win at the Changwon Youth Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Competition, sponsored by the Changwon City government. The Youth CPR Competition was organized with the aim of allowing students to directly experience emergency response roles and raise awareness about the importance of safety policies. This marks the second consecutive year that Changwon National University has succeeded in winning this competition. The participants from Changwon National University for this competition were Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, a student majoring in Business Administration, Pham Van Phung, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, and Nguyen Hoang Phuong, a participant in the Korea Immigration & Integration Program (KIIP). To learn more about the Multicultural Emergency Team, we conducted an interview with Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, who is currently studying in the Department of Business Administration.
Q: Hello, could you please introduce yourself?
Nguyen: Hello, I'm Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai from Vietnam. I am currently a student majoring in Business Administration at Changwon National University.
Q: How long have you been involved with the Multicultural Emergency Team?
Nguyen: This year was my first time getting involved. I dedicated two weeks of intense practice to prepare for this competition.
Q: What motivated you to join the Multicultural Emergency Team?
Nguyen: Originally, I didn't have much interest in such activities. However, after taking a fire safety course in the KIIP, I realized the importance of CPR. During that time, a teammate who was already involved with the Multicultural Emergency Team, encouraged me to participate.
Q: Were there any challenges you faced while preparing for the Changwon Youth CPR Competition?
Nguyen: All of our team members are foreigners, so the most challenging aspect was having to communicate in Korean. During the competition, we had to explain everything in Korean, making the preparation quite difficult. However, we overcame this by diligently writing scripts and were also grateful for the assistance from the Changwon Fire Department personnel.
Q: What was the theme you chose for this competition?
Nguyen: The theme we chose was a situation where a younger sister and an older brother are at home and the brother's girlfriend suddenly enters, misunderstanding their relationship. The girlfriend, stressed and in distress, faints. After realizing the gravity of the situation, they check her condition, and perform CPR.
Q: What do you believe were the factors that led to your team's success in the competition?
Nguyen: While all the other teams were well- prepared and performed excellently, I think our team's understanding of CPR was slightly more advanced than the others.
Q: As an international student at Changwon National University, what are your future aspirations?
Nguyen: As a student, I plan to actively participate in various programs provided by the university for international students. After graduating next year, I aspire to find employment in marketing or international trade in Korea. Through this, I hope to become familiar with Korean work culture and practices, and eventually, I aim to play a bridging role between Vietnam and Korea.
Q: Finally, do you have any additional words you'd like to share?
Nguyen: I'd like to offer words of encouragement to other international students at Changwon National University. As I've experienced, being a foreign student in a new country can be challenging at times. However, if you work hard, study, and make an effort to adapt, I believe you can succeed. Thank you.
Changwon National University actively supports the adaptation of foreign students and the settlement of immigrants through various activities, including the Korea Immigration & Integration program (KIIP). The success of the Multicultural Emergency Team serves as an excellent example, not only of immigrants playing a bridging role in the local community, but also as responsible members ensuring safety. We offer our support for the future activities of the Multicultural Emergency Team and commend their efforts in achieving such a positive outcome.

By Kim Min-seong, reporter  kms9494274@gmail.com

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