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Professor Gu Ji-Hoon Appeared On tvN's, 'Naked World History'
  • By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter
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▲ Professor Gu Ji-Hoon appeared on tvN's, 'The Uncomfortable Truth of Galileo,' episode of 'Naked World History' (Source: CWNU Waggle)

Professor Gu Ji- Hoon of CWNU's History Department appeared as a lecturer in the 88th episode of 'The Uncomfortable Truth of Galileo,' which aired on tvN at 10 p.m. on February 28. Alberto from Italy and scientific creator of Orbital, appeared on the broadcast of, 'The Uncomfortable Truth of Galileo,' as well. In fact, Professor Gu Ji- Hoon made his second appearance as a lecturer following the 66th episode of, 'Leonardo vs Michelangelo,' which aired in September of 2022. The television network, tvN's, 'Naked World History,' is a public- wave historical entertainment program that examines attractions from around the world through lectures: by lecturers. In addition, the, 'Naked World History,' program conveys the history of the world through factual storytelling, based on historical facts that viewers have previously known, even historical facts that they may be somewhat unfamiliar with.

'The Uncomfortable Truth of Galileo,' introduces Galileo, who insisted on the Copernican Theory. In the Middle Ages, when religion dominated society, Galileo overturned the Celestial Theory, which was the truth of the universe for medieval people, and argued that several planets revolved around the Earth. Galileo built a telescope in just two days against ridicule and criticism from society. With telescopes and persistence, they discovered the sunspots of the sun, Jupiter's moons, and the surface of our moon, which are proof of the Celestial Theory. Despite his scientific findings, Galileo was warned by the Vatican that he would go to jail if he didn't give up his geocentric theory. In order to hear more details about the broadcast on this day, we interviewed Professor Gu Ji- Hoon, who appeared as a lecturer in tvN's, 'The Uncomfortable Truth of Galileo,' 88th episode of, 'Naked World History.'

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Gu: Hello, I'm Professor Gu Ji- Hoon, in charge of Western History at CWNU. After graduating from the Italian Department of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, I moved to Italy for about 10 years, where I completed all the Italian language training, Master's Degree, and Ph.D. courses. I returned to CWNU in 2016 and was appointed to the Department of History in 2021 during the COVID-19 situation.

Q. You made two appearances on tvN's historical entertainment program, 'Naked World History.' What made you decide to appear on the show?

Gu: First of all, I wanted to let you know that there is a person in Italy who majored in Italian Art History. In addition, I decided to appear to help promote the school. Furthermore, I think I wanted receive positive energy based on the opportunity of a, 'broadcasting appearance,' in a time when there was no constructive movement due to COVID-19.

Q. What did you realize from your two appearances on TV?

Gu: I've seen dozens of cameras, PDs, writers, lighting, makeup, costumes, FDs, and so on during my long hours at the recording site. I realized that even one program that we take lightly, is made only when a huge team organization is run well.

Q. Please tell me if you have any inspiration for lectures or research through your experience in tvN's, 'Naked World History.'

Gu: I was confident that the theme and content of the 66th, 'Leonardo vs Michelangelo Story,' was related to my master's and doctorate majors, and in the 88th, 'The Uncomfortable Truth of Galileo,' I remember asking my own questions about how two genres of academic science and history can be linked in terms of convergence and integration.

Professor Gu Ji- Hoon's vivid lecture based on factual storytelling, led the field of Western science to advance into an interesting and informative learning field. Why don't students at CWNU watch this broadcast and pay attention to Western science and art? Thanks to the active participation of Professor Gu Ji- Hoon of CWNU, students at CWNU, should also continue their school life in an active manner in the face of the end COVID-19 situation.

By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  parkch2582@naver.com

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