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2022 CWNU Autumn fringe Concert
  • Nam Chae-young, cub-reporter
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▲Autumn Fringe Concert Promotional Paper

In May, spring fringe concerts were held at various places throughout Changwon University. In the spring concert, not only Changwon University's Music Department, but also many club participated and decorated the stage. Following the last spring concert, which ended with the support and interest of students, the Fall Fringe Concert will be held from Tuesday, October 4th to Friday, October 14th.

In this Autumn Fringe Concert, Changwon University students take the lead, and support the Changwon National University nurturing project with local artists. Students and graduates of Changwon University's Music Department, students from dance and singing clubs, buskers who are active in the area, and local young artists are participating in this Autumn Fringe Concert, which the university and the local community created together. The Music Department of the College of Arts, which hosts the concert, and Attention, the 28th General Association of Clubs, said, “We are doing our best to give the best impression to university members and local citizens, and to let them all feel the beauty of art. We hope that many local citizens will join us.” President HoYoung Lee said, “We want to hold a fringe concert in the fall following last spring on the Changwon University campus and have time for university families and local citizens to communicate through culture and art. While sharing the atmosphere of fall on campus with the local community, we will fulfill the public outreach and responsibility of the only national higher education institution in Changwon with 1.04 million special cases,” he emphasized.

The Autumn Fringe Concert will be held at the outdoor study cafe Solmaru at Sarim Falls and at Sarim Square in front of the Sarimgwan. Various genres of stages such as classical music, Kpop, hiphop, and dance are prepared for the Fall Fringe Concert. At the Sarim Falls outdoor study cafe Solmaru, classical music and busking performances will be held.

The Classic will be held from October 4th to October 13th at 11:40 a.m. for 40 minutes, and on October 5th at 12:20 p.m. for 20 minutes. Busking will be held for 20 minutes from 12:20 pm on October 7th, and from 11:40 am to 40 minutes on October 14th. At Sarim Square in front of Sarimgwan, stages of hiphop, classical guitar, and dance genres are prepared. The stage of the hiphop club Podavitz will be held at 12:20 pm on the 4th of October for 40 minutes. Mimi, a classical guitar club, will perform for 40 minutes at 12:20 pm on October 13th. The stage of the dance club Emasters will be held for 40 minutes at 12:20 pm on October 14th.

A special event will be held at this year’s Fall Fringe concert at Changwon University. If you watch a performance and leave a review, you can receive a chance to win a prize. After watching the performance, if you leave a review on the Student Council Community Bulletin Board, you will receive a Galaxy Z Flip as a gift by lottery. The more you share your performance appraisal reviews on social media, the more likely you are to receive a prize. Enjoy the Autumn Fringe Concert with music, and participate in the review sharing event to win prizes.

Now that the exam period is getting closer, I hope you have time to feel the scent of the coming autumn while watching the Fall Fringe Concert. Let's enjoy the campus colored with autumn leaves that we have never seen before due to our busy daily lives, with music. Why don't you just feel relaxed and romantic while watching the concert, becoming healed by its charm?

Nam Chae-young, cub-reporter  ncy0618@naver.com

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