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Changwon University Human Resources Development Center to Support Students’ Healthy Growth
  • By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.11.24 18:11
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We are always at a crossroads in our lives. However, we don't know what the consequences of our choices will be. Therefore, we continue to worry. At the end of the second semester, some people are at a crossroads of choice again. They are students who are worried about their careers. Students who are worried about their major after entering the university, in regards to what field to work in after graduation, should pay attention to the Human Resources Development Center of Changwon University. The Human Resources Development Center of Changwon University conducts various examinations and counseling programs, to help students choose their careers and prepare for employment. First, what tests can Changwon University students perform at the Human Resources Development Center?

Changwon University's Human Resources Development Center provides students with career tests, personality tests, and learning tests. The most representative career tests are the Holland Career Exploration and the U&I Career Exploration. Holland's career exploration test is based on Holland's career development and selection theory, which shows the results of six occupational types: R (Realistic), I (Investigative), A (Artistic), S (Social), E (Enterprising), and C (Conventional). The U&I Career Exploration test, comprehensively diagnoses individual career maturity and career interests, while providing additional information about departments and occupations that consider personality traits.

Among the personality tests provided by the Human Resources Development Center, there are Anagram Personality Type Tests and Standardized Personality Tests. The Anagram Personality Type Test is a combination of the Greek word, "ennea," of the number 9 and, "gram," which means shape, and is divided into nine types to present one's living characteristics, potential, and management methods according to one’s natural temperament. Standardized Personality Tests measures an individual's emotional stability, impulsiveness, consideration, sociality, and accountability to identify the characteristics of an individual's immutable personality and provides information that helps social adaptation.

The study tests provided by the Human Resources Development Center include U&I Study Type tests and MLST Study Strategy tests. U&I Study Type tests measure personality characteristics exhibited while studying and recommends appropriate learning methods. MLST Learning Strategy Test helps students improve their learning efficiency by measuring habitual, behavioral, and strategic efficiencies.

Students who have psychological difficulties such as depression, stress, or difficulty adapting to college life, can receive psychological counseling at the Human Resources Development Center. The consultation time is at least 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour. In addition, students can receive counseling at the Human Resources Development Center to improve job search skills, such as job applications and interviews. Students who want psychological and career counseling must log into Changwon University's Dream Catch website (https://dreamcatch.changwon.ac.kr/main.do) and make a reservation at: [Application for examination/counseling → Counseling Guide and Application]. Same day reservation is not possible.

Representative career/psychological counseling programs provided by Changwon University's Human Resources Development Center include, "Psychological Care Stress Management Program," and "SMART Job Camp." The, "Psychological Care Stress Management Program," is intended to help efficiently manage various stresses experienced during college life, such as studies, careers, and companionships. It is held three times a week for about two weeks. The, "SMART Job Camp," is a program to strengthen students' employment capabilities and provides students with mock interviews and training for writing job applications. Students can register for the programs on the [Changwon University Dream Catch website → Program Opening Status].

There is a famous saying by American writer L. Ron Hubbard, "Never register yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." This means that the main character in my life is "me." Therefore, students should take the lead in choosing the direction of their life. However, it is a good idea for students who do not know which career path to choose or feel burdened to ask for help from others. The Human Resources Development Center of Changwon University runs a variety of programs every year to help students grow in a healthy way. Students who have career concerns or need psychological help, should challenge themselves and work hard for their future dreams in partnership with Changwon University's Human Resources Development Center.

By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  parkyujeong01@naver.com

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