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The President of Changwon National University and Student Council, Hold a Meeting of Exchange and Communication to discuss
  • By Jung In-hee, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.09.01 09:18
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▲ The President of Changwon National University and Student Council, Hold a Meeting (Source: portal sites Changwon National University waagle)

On August 5, Changwon National University held a meeting with President Lee Ho-young and the Student Council. The meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the university headquarters. The meeting was attended by the president of Changwon National University, the President of Education, the Student Government, and the Student Support Department. The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has steadily increased nationwide, and Changwon City has raised its social distancing to level four. In response, discussions of the overall administrative support were held at the meeting, including the direction of class, disinfection plans for student’s safety and health, and the expansion of elective courses for extra credit to complete graduation requirements.

The first agenda for safety requirements during face-to-face class was, ‘fever check and hand disinfection management at the entrance of the building’, while the second agenda was, ‘fever check and entry list by each classroom’. In response, the Presidential Council said it would manage safety through the access control call center, ask for workers to manage fever checks, and hand sanitation to be deployed to each college after this discussion. The third agenda was, ‘attaching antibacterial films beside classrooms’. The fourth agenda was, ‘setting partitions up in dormitory restaurant’. In response to these agendas, the government said that it would organize and implement necessary budgets. The fifth issue on the agenda was, ‘extending the opening times of the library’. The presidential Council said they would prepare a schedule for consultation with the library as soon as possible because the Chief Librarian was not present. The sixth agenda was regarding the, ‘switch to non-face-to-face classes for two weeks when confirmed case occur and then switch to completely when additional confirmed case occur’. In response, the Council of Presidents said it would not accept the guidelines for quarantine by the Ministry of Education, but would respond by utilizing the epidemiological investigation system. The seventh item on the agenda was ‘a request from classmates to resolve confusion by establishing a test method for each lecture during the test’. The solution was to open and operate a test information notice board. The eighth item on the agenda was about the, ‘education on prevention of epidemics guidelines to professors and classmates during class’. On this agenda, said Professors had been vaccinated, but would be recognized wearing masks through class, and asked the student council to emphasize mask wearing and hand sanitation to the students. The ninth item on the agenda was that, ‘confirmed cases, close contact, as well as active monitoring, will hope to manage the spread of COVID-19 during official holidays’. In this agenda, active monitors were also able to leaved their house, and they said that they would make it official.

In terms of the lack of enrollment and graduation credits, there were ‘a situation where classmates could not take classes due to the limitation of the number of students in the COVID-19 situation’ and ‘a situation where they have to take remaining credits after completing their major. However, they cannot take autonomous choices in the COVID-19 situation’. Accordingly, the President's Council said it would apply a divisional system to all departments during the entire course revision period to increase the number of students per class. He was also aware of the problem with the remaining credits for graduation, and further discussed the commitment to take measures to address them, as well as efforts to solve structural problems.

Sung Tae-soo, president of the student council, said, "We hope that the university headquarters and the Student Council will strengthen communication to secure students' health, safety, and learning rights in the case of COVID-19. We will do our best to deliver the student’s voices to the university and overcome the current crisis”. President Lee Ho-young said, "I am grateful that the Student Council represents the opinions of students and conducts various activities for the development of students and universities. We will strengthen communication with the Student Council by holding regular meetings with the student council, making the campus a student-centered space, and creating the best educational and university life environment through the voices of the students". At this meeting, the Student Council presented agendas for the welfare of students, conducted exchanges, and provided a space for communication. We hope that students and schools will continue to communicate actively and continue to develop Changwon University.

By Jung In-hee, cub-reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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