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Various CWNU Clubs: The Highlight of Campus Life
  • By Park Jung-hyun,cub-reporter
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▲Source: Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education - Now, Seoul, Education.

Since the beginning of the new semester, the number of students who are interested in joining clubs at CWNU has increased. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the information availability of club activities is not as easy to find as before, leading students to miss vital information on school clubs. So, as interactions between students have decreased, club activities have also started to gradually decrease. According to a survey conducted by The Campus Journal on March 9 and March 10, the majority of students answered that they only know about 1-5 clubs out of more than the 40 school clubs at CWNU. Also, 60 percent of the students said they are not a member of any clubs at CWNU. Then, what is the current state of affairs for Changwon National University’s clubs?

Changwon National University's clubs are largely divided into sports, cultural, religious, volunteer, liberal arts, academic, and semi-club divisions. The sports division consists of ten clubs. Some renowned clubs include the basketball club "Hurricane", the baseball club "TYPHOON", the badminton club "Oh-rae-oh", and the taekwondo club "Seonrang". Aside from these, there are a variety of sports clubs that include bowling, futsal, soccer, skin-scuba diving, and tennis that students who are interested in sports can enjoy.

There are twelve different cultural clubs. These clubs include the dance club "PYHITA", "E-masters", and the cheering group "Phoenix" which are highly recommended by students. They are widely popular. Since there are many activities that students can try to gain experience and challenge themselves in cultural activities such as plays, band music, and watching movies, anyone who is passionate about the arts can apply.

There are seven religious clubs at CWNU. There are not only the typical religious clubs such as clubs for Catholicism, Buddhism, and Christianity that are commonly known, but also student-led reformist faith groups. In a survey conducted by The Campus Journal, one student strongly recommended to others to join the religious clubs by saying, "Students are given various activities to develop their faith, and the atmosphere among the members is good."

There are also six volunteer clubs at CWNU. From "RCY" to "Good News Corps", each club has a variety of volunteer work. So, students have a wide range of choices when it comes to volunteering. Volunteer clubs are especially popular because many students have to fulfill 60 hours of community service as a graduation requirement.

Students can also join one of the four liberal arts clubs. There’s the Pla model club "Jaejak", the go game club, the calligraphy club "Mukhyanghoe", and the Photography & Arts Research Association "APC". Since most of the clubs in the liberal arts division are related to hobbies, they are a great way to make friends over a common interest.

The academic division includes the university student’s peace association club, "Unipeace". The purpose of this club is to study the ideas and philosophy of peace activists and to inform students about them. It hosts peace activities in universities all over the country by holding exhibitions, seminars, video exhibitions, and various discussions every year.

Lastly, there are semi-club divisions in Changwon National University that haven’t passed the standard club registration evaluation yet. There is the marathon club "Pacemaker", and the volunteer club "Raon Goodne." Pacemaker has recently participated in a no-contact Marathon due to the spread of coronavirus. But it had previously participated in marathon events more than once a month, and also participated in unique marathons. Raon Goodne is receiving good reviews for implementing a variety of campaigns and educational activities for children and local residents through cooperation with Good Neighbors' West Gyeongsangnam-do branch.

Changwon National University provides and operates various programs to strengthen student skills and offer student experiences. Given the information above, students will hopefully be more interested in searching for clubs and participate in the club that suits them. For further details, additional information can be found on the official Instagram of the CWNU’s general club association (@cwnu_drawing_37th) or on Naver Cafe (https://m.cafe.naver.com/cwnuclubs.cafe).

By Park Jung-hyun,cub-reporter  jhgongju0903@gmail.com

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