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Dark Tourism in Changwon City
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
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▲Team 'HER'

The 5th Community Contribution Capstone Design Fair was hosted by the Link Business Group at Daejeon University on October 30. Twenty-four universities, including Changwon National University, Keimyung University, Chungnam National University and Chung-Ang University, participated in the fair. This year’s theme was ‘Combining the Local Community with Your Major’. This competition encouraged people in the local community and students of various majors to work on projects together. Team 'HER' was awarded the grand prize. 'HER' was created by a team from Changwon University's department of culture and technology. This interview delves into how they were awarded the grand prize.

Q : Please introduce team ‘HER’.

Our team is made of four fourth years, including leader Choi Ha-ram. Our team name, HER, is an abbreviation of “History, Evolve, Region”. The meaning of this name is to develop the history of Changwon City with the local community. Our team was created last year to prepare for a community-related contest in Changwon City. Unfortunately, that year we didn't win the contest. We heard about the 5th Community Contribution Capstone Design Fair that was being held at Daejeon University this year, so we decided to participate.

Q : Was the theme of this contest difficult?

The theme of this contest was a very difficult. The theme meant we had to combine our majors with the local community in a project. Our theme was dark-tourism. Dark-Tourism is a form of educational historical travel. Dark-Tourism is about learning lessons from the darker side of history, often from history that people aren’t proud of. For instance, Korea suffered during the Japanese occupation. Dark-Tourism offers a way for Koreans to truly learn about the history of the Japanese occupation. We thought that Changwon City may have a deeper history compared to some other cities. And Changwon has implemented policies to promote tourism, including the city tour bus. But it isn't effective. Therefore, we created a city tour program called ‘Spring of Changwon in the Eyes of History’, which include dark-tourism.

Q : What is the ‘Spring of Changwon in the Eyes of History’?

‘Spring of Changwon in the Eyes of History’ is a tour program. The program means that spring will come to Changwon through a painful history. The concept of the program is a child talks to people about history through stories. The guide plays a young child for the tour program. The child tells the audience stories that the child heard from the mother, father, and grandmother. These stories delve into the history of Masan, Jinhae and Changwon. The child heard the Changwon story from their mother. the novel "Spring of Home", The child heard the Masan story form their father which focuses on, the pro-democracy movement. The last story is about Masan, and was heard from their grandfather. It’s a story about the Admiral Yi Sun-shin. The uniting theme of the entire tour is history. Many people think that history is difficult and boring, so we made history tours more fun through performances reenactment.

Q : Why do you think your team won the grand prize?

The reason why we were able to win the grand prize is effort. As we said earlier, we were immediately eliminated from last year's community-related competition in Changwon. At that time, we promised ourselves that we would prepare really hard for the next competition. When, the 5th Community Contribution Capstone Design Fair was held this year, we worked all night for two weeks. Also, the team members work well together. We had no difficulties dividing work because team members were skilled in different areas. The team members have known each other for a long time, so we were able to concentrate on our project for the tournament.

Q: What does your team have in plan for the future?

First of all, we plan on participating in another capstone design competition on November 20. Also, we will continue to participate in other Capstone Design competitions. We are currently discussing the future direction of our team. Some members want to go to graduate school, and others want to get a job. If our team continues to be active, Changwon City may create an official tour program for 'Spring of Changwon in The Eyes of History'. Also, we hope that not only our tour program, but all of the other tour programs will improve in Changwon City.

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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