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Why not travel alone?
  • Park Seon-gyeong
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Recently, it is common to see people enjoy traveling alone. According to Hanatour (Travel Agency), the annual average for tourism has increased 42 percent. This was caused by the expansion of single-person households. People travel alone, the so-called “Traveling alone tribe“ is increasing. Various travel packages are being created and sold by several tour agencies.

There are some reasons for this increase. First, you save money traveling alone compared to traveling with others. When you go alone, you will set a simple schedule that is cost reducing! Second, you have the freedom to choose the location to travel from within the company. Leave the country you wanted without suiting other people. Third, don’t hide your feeling. If you don’t enjoy the same style of tour as your team, it is difficult to enjoy your trip.

So, we can find people to plan a self-trip. But, there is one bad thing involved. When a crisis occurs, you may feel very embarrassed and that it is difficult to easily take action. Therefore, it is less safe traveling alone. Although people leave alone, there are so many things people get through on a trip. Individuals can reach a large number of destinations that they would not have be able to reach if others were alongside them.

After traveling along for five months, Kim Hye-ri (International Relations 15’), said that “I perfectly knew my type of personality and character without being bothered by other people. I had a time to discover my different side.” She hopes to recommend a trip alone to other classmates.

Expedia, a global online tour agency, analysis states that hotel reservations said “Travel alone tribe” is high in preference when traveling large distances, such as to London, Paris and LA. Whereas it is the opposite for short distance countries. It shows an advantage that “Travel alone tribe” is free to move a long distance when people usually feel burdened because they don’t have company.

Now, let’s take a look at some popular places that people travel. First are Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Tokyo and Osaka are relatively close to Korea compared to other tourist places. It has various destinations that travelers love, such as Disneyland and Shinjuku. Osaka is also popular for Universal Studios and Dotonbori Street. Second is London in the United Kingdom. London is the one of the biggest cities in the world. It has an elevated level of transportation. Additionally, there are many tourist attractions such as the London Eye and Notting Hill. You can completely feel their culture at both places.

Now you know some good things about traveling alone. If you hesitate to make a trip this time, why don’t you leave alone during a summer vacation?

Park Seon-gyeong  asdf9382@naver.com

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