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Facilities within dormitory Building 7 are continuously not working
  • By Gwon Min-gwan, reporter
  • 승인 2018.05.26 15:05
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The facilities within the dormitory of Building 7 have frequently been out of order. The entrance gate to the fitness center has broken down several times since the beginning of the semester. It was also out of order for two weeks and the door has been closed for weeks. It has become an issue for students because this gate is often used by students to get to class.

Also, on Saturday the 28th of last month, the men’s elevator was out of order, so they had to use women’s. Since a lot of students live in Building 7 and are frequently going in and out, it was very hard to use only one elevator from the first to twelfth floor. Especially on the Monday morning, when students have to go to school, the elevator stops on every floor so a lot of students had to walk down the stairs instead.

The entrance gate in the dormitory of Building 7 has installed both fingerprint and card access. It was to provide students with a safer dormitory system. However, the fingerprint access is barely used and does not operate smoothly. This is the reason why the gates of building 7 are frequently out of order.

The manager of dormitory building 7, Lee Yong-man, said, “We are going to change all the devices of gates because all of them have possibilities of being out of order. The device that will be changed will only allow the card access. It is all confirmed with the school administrative office and, due to the cost and budget problem, the period would be during the summer vacation.”

Moreover, he said, “We called the repair engineer on the day we found it had a problem. He said the main board has a problem and it will take time to get the part because he has to get it from Seoul.” Also, he said, “It required quicker repair because it would be OK during weekends, but on the week days students have to use the elevator. He has borrowed the part from somewhere else and put it into the operation temporarily. Now it is completely fixed.”

▲The gate of dormitory building 7 is temporarily closed.

By Gwon Min-gwan, reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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