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Growing dissatisfaction over computer systems on campus
  • Park Seon-gyeong, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.11.26 10:41
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Changwon National University students from various departments are growing impatient because they are unable to connect to the Internet in many areas of campus buildings. A smooth-running computing system is very important for students’ convenient school life, so Wi-Fi is essential everywhere. Unfortunately, many locations on grounds lack Wi-Fi with an Internet connection, so it’s difficult for students to work. Some students manage to find a spot to connect, while others use their own personal Wi-Fi EGGs. This is not good enough.

We desperately need the installation of additional Wi-Fi routers on campus. However, the school headquarters is not properly responding to such demands. Wi-Fi on our campus is currently provided by LG, but there will be an indefinite delay to new installations because the school’s contract with the company runs out this year and it’s not yet known what kind of contract CWNU will decide on next. Thus, it is uncertain whether the company will put in more Wi-Fi or wait for the allocation of the school budget next year. CWNU officials are trying to find areas where the Internet connection isn’t strong and ask the company to fix the issues, but the exact solution won’t be carried out until next year.

Another problem is the use of computers next to college copiers, which are arranged to make it easier to print documents and make copies more conveniently. Up-to-date programs such as Microsoft Office have disappeared. Instead a less compatible, inefficient viewer program was installed. Several locations in the school, including the central library, have these faults. Many students are suffering from inconveniences because the computers don’t have any compatible programs. Even Microsoft Office and HWP, which are commonly used by students, cannot be opened.

CWNU said that even though students have computers in the computer rooms on campus, they use the computers next to copiers for their work, which should only be for printing documents, so they made it impossible to leave the document viewer program. According to the computer management agency, students were monitored and were found to be often using the Internet on those computers for hours. The biggest problem here is the use of incompatible viewer programs which don’t connect with other basic programs. Therefore, a more compatible program is needed. CWNU said that they would not recognize the inconvenience of students, but said they would demand the installation of a better viewer program to improve the ease of access for students who need to print and make copies.

By Park Seon-gyeong, cub-reporter

Park Seon-gyeong, cub-reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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