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Our duty to make Bong-Hwang unify us
  • By Kim Young-min, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.11.13 11:13
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“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” Just like this famous quote indicates, apathy can be one of the determinants of downfall in our life. Are we, as students in Changwon National University, apathetic? We carelessly attend countless lectures concentrating only on our own path rather than looking around us. However, we should always be aware that we, as individuals from different environments, ages and backgrounds, became unified under the name of ‘Changwon National University’. Nevertheless, our Bong-Hwang, Korean name for phoenix, and Camellia logo are both embodiments of our school, yet are fading from our mind.

A logo is an integrated image representing a group and it helps members to share a sense of kinship and furthermore, acts as one of the main sources of advertisement for the group. Moreover, it is a device connoting the objective and morals of the school. An example of this would be in Korea University and Yonsei University. A tiger is the representation of Korea University which contains a meaning of courage, determination, alacrity, and dignity. The eagle of Yonsei University has a descriptive meaning of intellect. Students in both colleges take great pride in their logos. This is easily seen in sports tournaments between the two colleges. Students wave their flags and wear uniforms that show their symbols to prove their solidarity. Whereas in the eyes of Changwon University students, this phenomenon might be seen as unnecessarily egotistic.

Here’s a little background information on the phoenix that brightens the image of our college: In ancient Chinese history, people believed that phoenixes, considered one of the commanding animals (along with giraffes, tortoises and dragons) would only appear when wise men that had great moral influence over society ascended the throne. Additionally, the appearance of this imaginary bird differs from book to book, but it is definitely an auspicious and fantastic bird. As Korea imported Chinese music during the Koryo dynasty, we imported its consciousness as well. Therefore, the phoenix’s elegance and nobility ties us together.

Yonsei University’s eagle and Korea University’s tiger are well known, not only to the students of those respective schools, but also to the general public. Thus, both schools are automatically advertised and Korean high school students see tigers and eagles as their ultimate desire as they navigate through a rough high school life. In order to be loved, one must love oneself. For us to prosper, we need to love our own group, which in turn leads to the prosperity of our college, Changwon National University. But first let’s start by learning about our representation, Bong-Hwang and Camellia.

By Kim Young-min, cub-reporter  dnl2874@naver.com

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